Cultural Awareness in the Gulf

arabian-culture-awarenessObjective: Participants will discover common assumptions and misunderstandings that are culturally based (in the Gulf). With a better understanding the Gulf culture, business and customer service can be more effectively applied in the day to day serving Gulf customers.

Duration: full day or two days

After completing this module, participant will be able to:

• Identify how cultural difference impact business interactions
• Learn how to avoid assumptions
• Using rapport to overcoming cultural differences


• Lecture with PowerPoint presentation to facilitate discussion of key concepts
• Class activities

We conduct this course at famous hotels in Dubai or in Saudi Arabia. This is a must course for healthcare staff & management, be they from the MENA region or from the asia or US & Europe.

This course has been successfully delivered at many hospitals in Damam Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Bahrain Qatar and Oman.

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Course Designer and creator Ms. Jennifer Baxavanis of Bax LLC Dubai.