Customer Service (General) Course

“Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it, in the way you said you were going to do it”

Objective: Successful customer service is the foundation of all profitable businesses. This course will coach your employees in efficient and consistent customer service, which in turn is what allows your company to retain its market share.. Happy customers keep coming back and your business will profit and grow in an exponential manner.

Duration: 2 days

Target Audience

hospital-customer-care• All employees that communicate with your customers (front line, security, reception)
• Sales agents
•  Management that manages customer facing employees
• Medical staff
After completing this module, participant will be able to:

• Understand who their customers are and what their needs are.
• Develop customer service techniques that are efficient and consistent every time.
• Effectively respond to a customer’s complaint and turn into an opportunity for his business.
• Successfully build on service processes and learn methodology to improve on existing procedures.
• Build the skills required to make customers feel they’re receiving “wow” service every time.
• Significant use of case studies, group discussions, brain storming of ideas, and role play.
• Trainee driven and focused session.
• Facilitator use of power point presentation for main point
• Hands on activities and case studies

We conduct this course at famous hotels in Dubai or Bahrain. This course can also be conducted at your hospital or healthcare Institution

This course has been successfully delivered at many hospitals in Damam Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Bahrain Qatar and Oman.

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Course Designer and creator Ms. Jennifer Baxavanis of Bax LLC Dubai.