Operating Manuals

 Here are few Operating manuals which you might find useful: 

Abbott Devices Manuals


Abbott Infusion Pump Manuals

LifeCare 4100 PCA PLUS II                    Operating Manual
Acclaim Encore                                    Operating Manual
Pain Manager II (APM II)                        Operating Manual
LifeCare 5000 Plum                               Operating Manual
Plum A+                                               Operating Manual
Plum XL3                                              Operating Manual
Plum XLD                                             Operating Manual

Abbott Medication Management System

Omni-Flow 4000 Plus IV                        Operating Manual

APC Medical (Pace Medical)


4170 Pacemaker                                 Instruction Manual
4570 Pacemaker                                 Instruction Manual

4542 Pacemaker                                 Instruction Manual
4543 Pacemaker                                 Instruction Manual

Alaris (Cardinal Health)


Alaris Syringe Pumps Manuals

Alaris CC                                             Operating Manual
Alaris GH                                             Operating Manual
Alaris GS                                             Operating Manual
Alaris TIVA                                           Operating Manual
Alaris PK                                             Operating Manual
IVAC PCAM                                         Operating Manual

Alaris Volumentric Pump

 SE GOLD                                            Operating Manual

Arizant Healthcare

Please click here for Arizant Healthcare Manuals

Including: Bair Huggers Therapy , Ranger Fluid Warming System and Bair Paws System



Blood Gas System

Rapidlink 800 Series                             Operator’s Manual



Life Pulse High Frequency Ventilator      Operator’s Manual



Hyfrecator 2000                                    Operator’s Manual

Del Medical

Radiogeraphy (X-Ray)

EPEX Omniflex IV System                            User Manual

et medical devices SpA

Electrocardiograph (ECG)

CARDIOLINE ar600 (English)                          User manual

CARDIOLINE ar600 (French)                           User manual

CARDIOLINE ar600 adv (English)                    User manual

CardioView (English)                                      User Manual

Coagulation Monitor

CoaguChek XS Plus                               Operator’s Manual




Midmark diagnostics group

(Brentwood Medical Technology Corp)


IQmark™ Digital ECG                             Operating manual

Nestle Nutrition


Enternal Feeding Pump

Compat                                                  Operating Manual

Compat SelectFlo                                   Operating Manual

Compat DualFlo                                      Operating Manual

Compat DualFlo                                             Quick Guide




Cerebral Blood Flow Monitoring System

MICRO SABER Plus                                     User manual



Haemodialysis Unit

PRISMA                                                Operating Manual

 Anesthesia delivery system (Ref:etherweb.bwh.harvard.edu) Aestiva/5 – Part 1                                                           Operating Manual Aestiva/5 – Part 2                                                           Operating Manual Patient Monitor (Ref:www.nuh.nhs.uk) Dash3000                                                                      Operator’s Manual Vital Signs Monitor (Ref: www.ardusmedical.com) DINAMAP (Model 8100)                                                  Operating Manual DINAMAP (Compact)                                                      Operating Manual DINAMAP (Pro 100-400)                                                 Operating Manual Click here for more GE Manuals



Gendent (Dentsply / Gendex)


Digital Intraoral Camera

AcuCam Concept IV                                                       Operating Manual

VixWin Pro                                                                    Operating Manual

Graseby Medical Please refer to Smiths Medical



Please click here for HemoCue Operating Manuals

Including operating manuals for following models:

WBC , Hb 201+, B-Hemoglobin, Donor Hb checker, Glucose 201, B-Glucose, Plasma/Low Hb, Albumin Hb, Urine albumin


Therapeutic support

TotalCare® Duo2 System                                                       User Manual




Baby Warmer                                                                 Operating Manual


Please refer to Tyco Healthcare



ITC (International Technidyne Corporation)   
Please click here for ITC Operating Manuals (Inculding : Hemochron , RxDx , IRMA TRUpoint , AVOXimeter , ProTime)

Physio-Control (Medtronic) (Ref: www.physio-control.com) Defibrillator Lifepak 12                                                                     Operating Manual Lifepak 20                                                                     Operating Manual Lifepak 500                                                                   Operating Manual Lifepak 1000                                                                 Operating Manual Lifepak CR Plus                                                            Operating Manual Chest Compression System LUCAS                                                                         Operating Manual More Physio-Control Manuals



CMS Patient Monitoring System

M1046 (Volume 1)                                             User’s Reference Manual

(Including: M1165/66/67/75/76/77A, M1205A-V24 and V26 Patient Monitor)


Please refer to Tyco Healthcare


Please click here for Respironics Operating Manuals


Please click here for Seca Instruction Manuals



Please click here for SonoSite Operating and service manuals

Including: M-Turbo , S Series , MicroMaxx , TITAN , iLook , 180 PLUS and SonoHeart ELITE

Tyco Healthcare



 (Nellcor, Puritan-Bennett)


Please click here for Puritan-Bennett Manuals



Please click here for Nellcor Manuals


Steam Sterilizer

M7 SpeedClave                                           User’s Manual