Biomedical scientists find cancer shrinking mushroom

Maitake-mushroomsA team of biomedical scientists have discovered that a mushroom used in Chinese cooking may have cancer shrinking properties.

According to researchers from New York Medical College, the Maitake mushrooms can shrink bladder cancer cell growth by 75 per cent.

The findings were presented during a recent meeting of the American Urological Association, which was established in 1902 and is a professional association for the advancement of urologic patient care.

Researcher Dr Sensuke Konno remarked: “It is another example of Maitake D-fraction synergism.

“Previous studies have also confirmed its synergy with chemotherapies, interferons, vitamins and other nutrients from herbs and mushrooms.”

He added that the finding is particularly significant because the synergy also improves the quality of patients’ lives because it means they can reduce their doses of conventional therapies.

A previous study involving Maitake mushrooms also found that it was able to reduce cancer cell growth in prostate tumours.

Written by Martin Lambert
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