British doctors crack the code to ‘beat’ Cancer

The breakthrough was compared to the discovery of life-saving penicillin.

Medics said they had developed a drug that uses genetic data to target tumours.

The drug – PLX4032 – shrank skin cancers by up to 80 per cent. Now scientists believe they could use similar genetic codes to understand the causes of ALL cancers and how to treat them.

Prof Mark Stratton, head of the Cancer Genome Project, based near Cambridge, said: “This is a remarkable moment.

“We have entered an endgame in which we will complete our understanding of what causes cancers.

“We have the potential to sequence cancer genomes in their tens of thousands to find all the mutations within them.”

All cancers are caused by mutations in individual genes.

The advantage of gene-targeting drugs is they interfere only with the mutation and not healthy tissue.

Scientists still face a huge task to unravel every genetic mutation for all cancers.

The disease kills a total of 7.5million people each year worldwide.

US cancer specialist Dr Paul Chapman said: “This is the beginning of personalised medicine.”

A DAILY 75mg dose of aspirin could ward off bowel cancer, experts claimed last night.

The Sun

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