BSD Medical’s China Distributor Orders Two BSD-2000 Hyperthermia Systems

BSD Medical Corporation (the “Company” or “BSD”) announced today that Dalian Orientech Co. Ltd (“Orientech”), the Company’s exclusive China distributor, has ordered two BSD-2000 Hyperthermia Systems (BSD-2000).

The BSD-2000 System utilizes BSD’s proprietary synchronous phased array technology to non-invasively target therapeutic heating (hyperthermia) to certain cancerous tumors, including those located deep within the body.

Clinical studies have shown that hyperthermia treatment can kill cancer cells directly as well as increase the effectiveness of other cancer therapies, including radiation therapy, for the treatment of certain tumors.

Hyperthermia cancer therapy has a strong following in China, and Orientech controls about 65% of the market. The Orientech sales force covers 23 provinces. After shipping the two systems, the Company will have sold 19 BSD-2000 Hyperthermia Systems to Orientech.

Hyperthermia has been used in China for the treatment of cancer for many years. The hyperthermia market in China has historically been supported by Chinese manufactured systems. The market objective for BSD in China is to continue to expand and upgrade the existing market for clinical hyperthermia equipment to the advanced features of the BSD-2000.

Source: BSD Medical Corporation

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