Cianna Medical launches SAVI Sisters program to educate breast cancer treatment options

Cianna Medical, Inc., the maker of the SAVI® breast brachytherapy applicator, today announced the launch of SAVI Sisters™, a program designed to provide education about breast cancer treatment options, primarily through social networking.

“SAVI Sisters allows patients who are looking at APBI to talk to other women who have been through similar things. It allows them to connect, and I think that’s really important”

Through a variety of online platforms, the goals of SAVI Sisters are to assist physicians and treatment facilities in providing education and support for their patients; create a community of people dedicated to spreading the word about breast cancer treatment options; and give women a place to find others who share common experiences.

SAVI delivers a form of therapy known as accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI), a shortened course of high-dose radiation for early-stage breast cancer patients following lumpectomy surgery. By specifically targeting radiation where the cancer is most likely to recur, SAVI reduces treatment time from six weeks to just five days.

“As a women’s health company, we are passionate about making sure women are aware of the many options available to treat early-stage breast cancer, including APBI,” said Brian Driscoll, Vice President of Marketing at Cianna Medical. “We created SAVI Sisters so that women have a place to share their stories, as well as provide a forum for people who are committed to spreading the word about the choices women have when it comes to breast cancer treatment.”

A key component of the program is the SAVI Sisters website. provides background on APBI, information about 5-day radiation therapy with SAVI, and SAVI Sister Stories. These stories feature women who are sharing their own personal SAVI experiences — giving others the ability to learn more about what to expect and the option to contact individual SAVI Sisters if they have additional questions. Patients are also able to locate a SAVI physician based on their geographic regions.

“SAVI Sisters allows patients who are looking at APBI to talk to other women who have been through similar things. It allows them to connect, and I think that’s really important,” said surgeon Deanna Attai, MD, FACS, of the Center for Breast Care, Inc. in Burbank, Calif. “Too many women feel like they have to go through this journey alone, but SAVI Sisters provides another link in the support network for patients.”

The first women in the nation joined the SAVI Sisterhood in June 2010 at Halifax Health in Daytona Beach, Fla. The hospital held a “Celebration of Life” event to recognize its achievements in advanced breast cancer treatment and honor the first 50 women to receive treatment with the SAVI applicator at the Halifax Health – Center for Oncology.

SAVI is the only single-entry breast brachytherapy device that allows physicians to customize radiation based on patient-specific anatomy. Clinical studies show this unique ability can make the benefits of APBI available to twice as many women, as well as result in better outcomes, including less skin toxicity, reduced risk of infection and improved cosmesis.

Source: Cianna Medical, Inc.

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