Elsevier, eMolecules collaboration provides fast commercial availability service for research chemists

Elsevier is pleased to announce that Reaxys now provides an enriched commercial availability service, as a result of the ongoing collaboration between the Reaxys development team and eMolecules. Chemical procurement of commercially available compounds is now incorporated into the reaction and substance search workflow.

Research chemists can now immediately access the eMolecules ordering page, complete with full quantity, pricing and vendor information, all via the eMolecules icon. It becomes part of the overall research workflow, the chemist can order the desired compound and easily continue with their reaction or substance query.

Reaxys is Elsevier’s web-based chemistry application which combines reaction and substance data search and retrieval in organic, organometallic, inorganic and physical chemistry with synthesis planning. Reaxys allows research chemists to get important and relevant information from journals and patents fast and conveniently in a single overview.

Mark van Mierle, MD of Elsevier Information Systems said, “Sourcing the right chemical at the best price and in an easy manner is clearly a crucial step in a chemist’s workflow. I believe this enhancement to Reaxys will enable chemists to make better decisions and get back to the lab more quickly”

Klaus Gubernator, CEO, eMolecules added, “The collaboration between Elsevier and eMolecules focuses on providing our customers with an enhanced user experience, and the incorporation of all elements of the chemist’s workflow into one integrated system.”

The Reaxys development team will continue to work with eMolecules to further streamline all aspects of the commercial availability process in order to bring the researchers the most relevant information with fewer clicks.

Source: Elsevier

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