Forum laments lack of research on Alzheimer’s

JEDDAH – There is a lack of research and statistics on Alzheimer’s disease in the Kingdom, a medical forum in here was told Tuesday.

The forum was held by the Alzheimer’s Society under the theme “It’s Time To Work” at the International Medical Center (IMC).

Dr. Nisreen Jastaniah, a specialist in the diseases of aging and family medicine, said there was limited research and studies on Alzheimer’s in Saudi Arabia. Jastaniah urged the Ministry of Health to deploy more skilled researchers and specialized doctors to tackle the disease.

Zahyeah Maghrabi, a participant, told the forum of her struggle with her late husband who had the disease.

“It was a very difficult time for me. I didn’t know how to deal with the situation at the beginning. If we have more specialized centers and experts in the country, we will be better able to deal with Alzheimer’s patients,” she added.

Abdullah Fad’aq, the head of the society’s board of directors, said the forum is convened every year on Alzheimer’s Day. The aim is to inform the public about the disease. He said the society is the first private body in the Kingdom representing those living with the disease.

Fad’aq said approximately 26 million people around the world have Alzheimer’s.

Saudi Gazette

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