Health In Reach provides new Internet-based service to access quality health care

To address the skyrocketing costs of out-of–pocket medical expenses, Health In Reach, Inc. today announced a new Internet-based service to make health care more accessible and affordable. The new community allows patients to find quality doctors, schedule appointments online, communicate securely, and receive pre-negotiated price discounts.

“Health In Reach is providing consumers with an exciting and innovative way to access quality health care,” said Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO. “As health care costs continue to rise, Health In Reach makes medical care more affordable, with less hassle.”

Health In Reach combines a comprehensive database of licensed doctors with its DocRank™ system to find those that best match a patient’s criteria. Once there’s a match, Health In Reach users can easily schedule appointments, receive electronic appointment reminders, get pre-negotiated discounts on fees and complete their medical history forms before they arrive at the doctor’s office.

After an appointment, Health In Reach enables patients to get test results online, communicate electronically with doctors and their offices via secure messaging and conveniently track out-of-pocket spending.

“With Health In Reach, there are no more surprise medical bills, uncertainty about where to turn when looking for a new doctor, or delays scheduling appointments,” said Scott Sangster, founder and CEO of Health In Reach. “We’re helping to create healthier patients by providing consumers with everything they need to get better care at reduced costs.”

SOURCE Health In Reach

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