Immune Targeting Systems (ITS) Ltd. Announces First Patient Treated In Phase I Trial Of Synthetic Universal Influenza Vaccine

Immune Targeting Systems (ITS) Limited (“ITS”), one of the leading developers of synthetic vaccines for mutating viruses, announced the first patient has been treated in its Phase-I trial with its synthetic universal influenza vaccine (FP-01).

Commencement of trials follows receipt of UK Regulatory Authority (MHRA) approval. Over the same period the company brought in £500,000 new investment from Esperante Ventures (UK). This brings total Series-A funding to £14.5 million from our syndicate of investors HealthCap (Sweden), London Technology Fund (UK), Novartis Venture Fund (US & Basel) and Truffle Capital (France).

Carlton Brown, CEO of ITS, commented: “This represents a major achievement and highlights our delivery of important R&D milestones. In less than three years we have taken a novel vaccine concept to the point of starting clinical testing. Furthermore, en route we have developed extensive validation data for our vaccine platform, meriting imminent expansion of our R&D pipeline”.

The FP- 01vaccine holds the promise of being able to target all potential seasonal and pandemic influenza-A strains and protect people from severe influenza disease. Current flu vaccines are known to be less effective in key at-risk market segments such as the elderly, chronically ill and young children – where most of the disease burden occurs. Furthermore, this synthetic and thermostable vaccine could represent a major breakthrough to Governments wishing to create long-term ubiquitous vaccine stockpiles.

Source: Immune Targeting Systems

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