HMC seeks to improve healthcare

DOHA Qatar: A Center for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) was launched yesterday for Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Doha, to make improvement in patient care. CHI will be a unique and one-of-its- kind body in the region, It will be a corporate entity within HMC mandated to design and implement innovative solutions to some of the most challenging issues in healthcare.

The dedicated team brings expertise in system-reengineering, operational efficiency, business development, and international best practice in clinical systems. In partnership with HMC leaders and staff, the CHI aims to achieve HMC’s commitment to providing world-class healthcare to the people of Qatar. CHI has been working with many of HMC’s departments to complete operational and clinical system analyses and implement performance improvement initiatives across the organisation.

“As the first of its kind in the Gulf region, we see the centre as a model to achieve operational excellence,” said Dr Hanan Al Kuwari, Managing Director, HMC. “For HMC, the CHI is mandated to reach our goal of dramatically improving patient care, the patient environment, and patient experience in Qatar. The values of excellence, innovation, integrity and trust are what guide us as we keep the patient in the heart of everything we do. We want to continue to build the public’s trust and confidence in the care we provide and in the way our organisation operates. The launch of this facility demonstrates that we are serious about delivering on our promises and achieving our goals.”

CHI’s successfully completed projects include the Women’s Outpatient Department. The team reengineered the OPD system to reduce patient wait time and congestion and introduce a Fixed Time Appointment Scheduling with a dedicated booking Center for arranging all OPD and WH Ultrasound appointments.

This follows the development of another first for HMC, which is the creation of the Patients and Visitors Service Center staffed by a welcoming team of greeters who will provide information, guidance and general support for patients and visitors to Hamad General Hospital.

Other projects include Complaint Management, Stars of Excellence, We Can Change, My Family, Patient Care Environments and Leadership Development.

“The projects in place so far have been successful and patients are happy. In WH OPD, the patient flow is steady and because of this, the overall system is going well,” said Freda Martin, Executive Director, CHI.

“We are driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence and are committed to finding enduring solutions for HMC through patient-centered practice, evidenced-based decision making and collaborative partnerships,” said Nasser Al Naimi, CHI’s Assistant Executive Director.

“Through a network of collaborative partnerships, our aim is to build, improve, and sustain the finest clinical and business practice and systems, while facilitating national self-sufficiency in these efforts and embedding a culture of change within HMC.”