More health and safety violations in Qatar’s Umm Salal Ali than in Doha

DOHA: There are more mutton eaters than beef or camel meat eaters in the municipal jurisdiction of Umm Salal Ali. According to statistics available, around 30,000 sheep were slaughtered in the abattoir in Umm Salal Ali in 2009. Contrast this to 167 camels and barely 92 cows that were slaughtered at the abattoir during the whole of last year.

Umm Salal Ali municipality covers this town as well as some of the sprawling localities like Khartiyat, Umm Salal Mohamed and Umm Al Amad, among others.

Interestingly, in this municipal area which is far smaller than that of Doha Municipality, more violations committed by grocery stores and eateries were detected in 2009 than in the capital city.

A total of 2,579 violators were brought to book during 781 inspection campaigns covering 5,627 outlets.

While in the whole of Doha 2,510 violations of health and safety rules were detected during the whole of last year.

Shops that sold items whose expiry dates were over, eateries that were unclean or their employees did not fulfill health and safety requirements or did not have monthly medical certificates were brought to book.

At least 11 restaurants, cafeterias and juice stalls, among others, were closed temporarily as punishment while stern warnings were issued to 59 eateries.

A total of 29 tons of stale food items were recovered from the various violating outlets (shops selling various kinds of foodstuff, including vegetables, fruits, fish and meat) and destroyed during 2009