Qatar Diabetes Association targets schoolchildren for awareness

DOHA: The volunteer’s centre of Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) launched an awareness programme aimed at reaching the school students at the preparatory and high school level. The programme will launch a group — Friends of Diabetes — to disseminate information

on the disease.

The programme is in tune with QDA’s community education objectives and ensures the dissemination of basic information on diabetes. The main function of the programme will be to hold a workshop on QDA’s goals and services, diabetes and prevention, healthy food and checking

blood sugar.

By visiting every school, QDA will establish a group known as the Friends of Diabetes. Its mission will be the delivery of information to all members of the school, thus ensuring the student target of the programme. The school will be counted as a ‘friend school’ of QDA.

In the first step, the programme will target four schools, to maximise the effect, and will rope in school health educators to increase awareness on the risk of diabetes