Qatar National Research Fund Project to help young scientists

DOHA: The Young Scientists Research Experience Programme (YSREP), the latest addition to the ongoing projects of the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), is set to assist in building human capacity and further foster research culture in Qatar, officials said yesterday.

“YSREP supports the country’s 2030 Vision toward a knowledge-based society through funding research of young scientists on various areas,” said Dr Abdul Sattar Al Taie, Executive Director of QNRF, speaking on the first event organised to orient interested parties on the programme.

Dr Al Taie said the programme will provide critical and adequate support to researchers starting and consolidating their own study.

“This new programme will contribute significantly to building human capacity in research and development in line with Qatar Foundation’s vision for research to be a catalyst to diversify the country’s economy, enhance education and improve the life of the people,” said Dr Munir Tag, YSREP Programme Manager

Dr Tag explained the mechanics and standards that should be met by young scientists who wish to avail of the grant.

He said candidates applying for funding under this programme should be residing in Qatar and are required to hold a doctorate degree (PhD or a terminal academic research degree) with at least two peer-reviewed scientific publications and be 35 years old or younger.

The candidate should also be affiliated to a local institution in Qatar at the time of submitting the research proposal and during the entire duration of the project.

He added YSREP would support investigator-initiated research across all fields of research Natural Sciences, Engineering Technology, Medicine and Health, Agriculture, Social Sciences and Humanities.

The YSREP funding cycle is annual with funds of $100,000 per year per project; the project duration can be up to three years. Young scientists who will be leading the project can work individually or with a supporting research team from the same institution (the submitting institution) to which they are affiliated.

Registration is already open online at the QNRF website where all information about YSREP and other QNRF programmes can be accessed. Letters of intent will be accepted online from May 24 to June 14. Another event which is open to all interested parties will be held today at 10am at Qatar University, Administration Building Conference Hall. Add this page to your favorite Social Bookmarking websites

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