Qatar permits checkup by Primary Health care Centers

DOHA: Qatari Nationals seeking a medical check up will now be able to do it at the Primary Health care Centers (PHCs), instead of the Medical Commission, the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) announced yesterday.

The Medical Commission that conducts the mandatory health check up for expatriates had also been conducting medical tests for Qatari nationals on request.

Medical tests are required for various segments of the Qatari population, particularly students seeking admission to local and international universities and people taking up new jobs at various companies and corporations.

“The new decision has been taken under the directive of the Minister of Health and General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Health H E Abdullah bin Khalid Al Khahtani, in response to requests from a number of nationals who want the tests to be made easier and more accessible,” said Dr Mariam Abdul Malik, director of primary health care centers.

She said the tests would now be available for Qataris at health centers in their respective localities.

“We have been working closely with the Medical Commission in this regard. The new service comes as part of our efforts to continuously improve our services and it will be beneficial of large segment of the Qatari population,” added the official

Dr Ibrahim Al Shaar, director of the Medical Commission told The Peninsula yesterday that the Commission had been getting a minimum 30 to 40 visitors daily seeking medical tests.

“The numbers vary depending on the season. For instance, there will be more students seeking the tests during the beginning of the academic year,” said Al Shaar.

The nature of the test will also vary based on the requirements of the universities or the employing companies.

“The tests had already been available for Qataris at the primary health centers but the certificates needed to be endorsed by the Medical Commission, Now the health centers have been given the full authority to conduct the tests and issue the certificates,” explained Al Shaar