Dubai Healthcare City Cosiders Free Checkup for labourer in Dubai

labourer-in-DubaiEvery labourer in Dubai could receive a free medical check-up under plans being considered by Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).

Dr Ayesha Abdulla, the senior vice president of DHCC, said a large number of labourers need medical care but are not receiving it and that DHCC’s long-term goal was to assess them all. “They are suffering due to diabetes, hypertension and other stress-related problems. Our larger goal is to reach out to everyone and offer them free medical services,” said Abdulla. She said that a temporary mobile clinic set up by the Healthcare City last month was a huge success with more than 100 labourers getting help every day. And there was such a demand for its services that they have kept it running for an extra few weeks.

A team of medical experts from DHCC facilities, including the Imperial Healthcare Institute, Medicentres International, Magrabi Eye Hospital and Boston Institute for Dental Research and Education, are carrying out general health checks, consultations and eye and dental screenings. “Participating clinics have also pledged to provide treatment for the workers if they need surgery.

The mobile clinic is operating at Al Quoz at the moment and our goal is to reach at least 1,000 labourers,” Abdulla said. She added that labourers needed to be encouraged to indulge in recreational activities to help alleviate any loneliness or stress.