Bahwan Healthcare unveils Nasa-developed AiroCide

Suhail-Bahwan-GroupMUSCAT — Bahwan Healthcare Centre, a SBG Suhail Bahwan Group venture in Oman, has partnered with Green Air Technology of the UAE to introduce the Nasa-developed AiroCide technology, a unique and patented airborne contamination control device delivering 99.99987 per cent clean air. AiroCide uses patented and proprietary Nasa-developed technology to eliminate airborne pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria, mould, fungi, viruses, dust mites, allergens, odours and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), from the environment.

Nasa-developed-AiroCide-technologyCommenting on the AiroCide technology, Titty Thomas, General Manager of Bahwan Healthcare Centre, said: “AiroCide is a revolutionary technology developed by Nasa. Airborne infections are one of the biggest threats to human life. The recent spate of epidemics that have led to many unfortunate fatalities have all been caused by airborne contaminants. The AiroCide technology ensures that all air contaminants are completely eliminated, creating a safe and healthy environment for us to live and breathe, and the Bahwan Healthcare Centre will support and provide service to our valuable Airocide customers in Oman, in line with the Suhail Bahwan GroupSuhail Bahwan GroupSuhail Bahwan Group Holding philosophy.”

“The AiroCide technology comes with the ability to deliver unparalleled air purification, making public places safe and healthy. This includes hospitals, clinics, schools, mosques, airports, malls, supermarkets and other public spaces,” he further added. AiroCide is a US FDA approved device, which uses no filters, is self cleaning, offers low annual maintenance cost and is a “Green” technology, producing no Ozone, it is also CE marked from Europe. The technology has been extensively tested over the last 14 years by leading laboratories and universities in the United States such as the University of Wisconsin, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M, and the National Renewable Energy Lab, among others.

Several clinical studies have shown that hospital acquired infections can be substantially reduced, as the Airocide technology produces 99.99987 per cent elimination of airborne bacteria fungi mould, as well as all types of viruses including H1N1 or any of its variants. This product is also extensively used in the fruit and vegetables and cut flower industry for the last several years, for the preservation and extending the shelf-life by eliminating volatile organic compounds like ethylene.

Commenting on the introduction of the Nasa-developed AiroCide technology, Tareque Pirzada, President — International Business from Akida Holdings USA, and spokesperson for Airocide, said, “In a very short span of time, this new product has created a niche in the region in the area of cut fruit, vegetables and fresh juices. In order to maintain growth dealers are constantly looking at new techniques to add to the capacity to produce juices and also increase their shelf life to meet international standards and also adhere to best practices.

Suhail Bahwan Group

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