Basic health care is non-negotiable, UAE paper

Abu Dhabi, July 1st, 2010 — There can be no excuse for failing to provide basic medical care for all. And an essential part of that care is the provision of incubators for premature babies during their critical first hours, days and weeks of life, commented a UAE daily.

“In Sharjah, there is a shortage of incubators, causing untold hardship and worry for parents as their new-born children struggle to survive. Literally, this shortage of incubators is a matter of life and death life and death for those too small and too weak to have any voice or chance in this world”, said Gulf News in its today’s editorial.

Private hospitals have incubators available but at prices that are above and beyond the means of most without private health insurance.

“Pity the medical practitioners who must make choices as to who gets the precious incubators, placing the doctors in an unimaginable moral dilemma”, it pointed out.

“No effort should be spared to end the incubator shortage and resolve this desperate situation”, the paper concluded.

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