HealthcareTechnology advances critical for patients

Mr-Adil-Ameer-Dubai-Healthcare-CityPreparing to speak at the major HealthcareTech Summit in Dubai on 7-8 December, Mr Adil Ameer of Dubai Healthcare City talked about why the event is so important for medical information officers and nursing officers in the Middle East

He said, “The evolution and innovation of clinical technology has been critical and imperative to the enhancement of the quality of health care services around the world.”

Chaired by one of the leading experts in healthcare technology, Prof. Dr. Med. Bjorn Bergh from the University Hospital and Medical Faculty Heidelberg in Germany, the summit will attract delegates to discuss new developments in wireless technology and transfer of patient data. The balance between reducing costs and raising standards in patient care, whilst allowing seamless communication between different locations and systems is an issue faced by chief medical information officers every day.

Mr Ameer who presents a special case study on Dubai Healthcare City on day one of the summit added, “Clinical technology development has driven the healthcare revolution over the last thirty plus years. We are now seeing a critical need for the rapid development and implementation of information technology to complement the advancements in clinical technology that will add substantial value and benefit to the quality of health care services available today.”

The summit has attracted ten other major organisations including King Hussein Cancer Centre in Amman, European Assoc. of Healthcare IT Managers – Belgium, Wockhardt Ltd – Mumbai and Hirtz & Co. KG based in Cologne, Germany.