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DUBAI, UAE, Jan. 26, 2010 – Hospira (NYSE: HSP), a global specialty pharmaceutical and medication delivery company, is showcasing its portfolio of innovative medication management and safety solutions at Arab Health, the Middle East’s largest healthcare event.

As a global leading provider of medication management systems focused on patient safety, Hospira helps hospitals worldwide improve the safety and cost of patient care. At their corporate stand at Arab Health stand no. 6B19 Hall 6, Hospira will be exhibiting its electronic infusion pumps, such as the Plum A+® and GemStar® product lines, which are widely used throughout the Middle East.

The Plum A+ will incorporate the safety software designed to reduce medication errors, Hospira MedNet®, and the complimentary VeriScan® Rx bar code point-of-care system (BPOC). The clinical decision support tool, EndoTool™ glucose management system, will also be unveiled for the first time in the Middle East at Arab Health 2010. By offering such an increasingly broad portfolio of highly innovative and cutting edge technologies, Hospira continues its ongoing commitments to patient-centred care and to pursuing healthcare excellence and innovation.

“Hospira is committed to delivering forward-thinking technology, essential to managing patient and healthcare professionals’ safety needs,” said Mark Harvie, Director, Marketing, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hospira. “Hospira MedNet, designed to assist with the prevention of medication errors during routine patient care, was launched at Arab Health 2009. The addition of EndoTool, which establishes and maintains glycaemic control in acute care patients, underscores our commitment to technological leadership in the important area of clinical-decision support systems.”

Medication errors, as well as patient safety during medication administration, are recognised worldwide as contributing to extended patient care and the associated financial costs. There are many reasons that contribute to medication errors: misinterpreted handwriting, drug name confusion and simply keying in wrong infusion rates to name just a few. As error moves closer to the patient, it is less likely to be intercepted.

i In 2006, a landmark study by the U.S Institute of Medicine reported that medication errors occur at the rate of one per patient per day in U.S. hospitals, equating up to an additional $8,750 for each individual hospital stay due to errors.ii When considering the impact of additional care, lost income and disability, the total annual cost may be as high as $29 billion.iii The situation in U.S. hospitals should not be viewed as an isolated problem, as current systems or practices in hospitals around the globe do not efficiently minimise patient safety risks either. Accordingly other countries are investigating ways to reduce the likelihood of a medication error occurring.

Hospira MedNet drug-dose safety software helps reduce such medication errors by working to improve the intravenous (I.V.) medication administration process. The software offers ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ dose and rate-setting limits for infusions that alert clinicians if administration levels for medication are programmed outside of hospitals’ pre-determined limits. Hospira MedNet is available as an add-on to the latest version of the Plum A+ infusion system, which is already in use in many Middle East healthcare facilities.

Notes to the Editor

o EndoTool is a highly sophisticated glucose management system that helps improve patient safety and quality of care in the operating rooms and acute/critical care settings. It replaces current manual paper-based protocols by calculating the dose of I.V. insulin needed to effectively control blood glucose levels. The software is designed to identify individual patient response to I.V. insulin, provide personalized, safe and effective glycaemic control to help manage current and predict future dosage levels

o Hospira MedNet drug-dose safety software helps reduce medication errors by working to improve the I.V. medication administration process. It is available as an add-on to the latest version of the Plum A+ infusion system, which is already in use in many Middle East healthcare facilities

o VeriScan Rx is a BPOC and radio-frequency identification (RFID) system for the prevention of medication errors, providing real-time data about individual patient treatment schedules to any clinician using the system. Using bar code scanning and RFID signals, clinicians can auto populate the I.V. medication name and concentration via Hospira’s advanced Plum A+ — over the hospital’s wireless network, and remotely monitor infusions for patients in their care

o Hospira MedNet, Plum A+ and VeriScan Rx can be integrated to interface with each other, other devices and the hospital information system (HIS)

o The Plum A+ infusion system, can provide precise delivery of multiple therapies across the general spectrum of clinical care

o GemStar infusion devices (GemStar and GemStar SP infusion system) are small, lightweight, configurable infusion devices, with a stand-alone personal computer (PC)-based application designed to enhance safe and efficient medication administration for ambulatory or acute-care

About Hospira
Hospira is a global specialty pharmaceutical and medication delivery company dedicated to Advancing Wellness™. As the world leader in specialty generic injectable pharmaceuticals, Hospira offers one of the broadest portfolios of generic acute-care and oncology injectables, as well as integrated infusion therapy and medication management solutions.

Through its projects, Hospira helps improve the safety, cost and productivity of patient care. The company is headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill., and has more than 14,000 employees. Learn more at www.hospira.com or www.hospira.co.uk.

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