Statistics Center Abu Dhabi, Health Authority sign cooperation agreement

HE Butti Ahmed Mohammed Bin Butti Al Qubaisi, Director General of Statistics Center Abu Dhabi, and HE Zaid Al Siksek, Director General of the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi, signed a cooperation agreement between them for the exchange of statistical data and other related work, recognizing the need of the both parties for statistical information in order to discharge their respective functions, and in response to the desire of the two sides to collaborate in conducting statistical work within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and to enhance the quality and consistency of statistics for use by policy makers and the general public.

Al Qubaisi and Al Siksek pointed out that the agreement aims to promote, support and manage cooperation between the parties, as well as to identify the forms of such cooperation and establish the terms and conditions of services that the two parties will provide each other with. The agreement will also seek to develop a frame for the exchange and reproduction of data, including schedules and procedures for supply of data between the parties concerned.

The present cooperation agreement is entered into without prejudice to the respective competencies of the parties as may be outlined in the laws establishing SCAD and the Health Authority. These competencies include, but are not limited to, the right of SCAD to conduct statistical surveys or to run other statistical work within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi at its own discretion and the right of HAAD to conduct research and statistics in relation to healthcare sector in the Emirate at its own discretion. The agreement supersedes all previous agreements between the two parties concerning the subject matter, whether written, verbal or e-mailed.

The Parties agreed that a quick and reliable access to data compiled by the other party is key to the advancement of their respective functions since each side will provide the other with statistics about Abu Dhabi.

Under the agreement, the parties will review and adopt a common set of data exchange standards, such as standards for data format, statistical concepts, semantic standards and data systems structure.

SCAD and HAAD pointed out that they are committed to review the data to be exchanged and ensure their validity and reliability before it is exchanged, on request, the sender of the data will be informed about any majors revisions of the data transmitted. On request the recipient will provide additional information on any revisions made and, their expected magnitude.

The two sides affirmed that the data provided by one party to the other party is confidential information and will be treated by the receiving Party with the same care and diligence as it was its own internal information. However, data that has been made public by the sending party through their own website (or any other means) will not be considered as confidential.

In the endeavor to maximize the use of electronic means in the transmission of data, each of the two parties will seek to familiarize themselves with the electronic system utilized by the other in order to determine the suitable method of data transfer. The parties intend to limit the use of e-mail as far as possible in the transmission of data. The transfer of data files will be monitored in an appropriate manner.

The parties agreed to cooperate towards a stable and efficient data transfer, using hardware and software solutions that will be regularly assessed and adapted to the desired types of use. In this context, the parties will seek to agree in detail on the adequate technical solutions for the exchange of information.

Both parties pledged to respect the flagging system of data transmitted to each other (e.g. data flagged as non-publishable by either party may not be reproduced by the other Party and shall be used exclusively for internal purposes).

The two sides agreed that whenever allowed, either party may reproduce, in electronic or in hard copy publications or data for which the other Party is the primary source. Both Parties agree to reproduce the data as most recently released by the other party as a primary source. The party that is not the primary source of the data will cite the other party as the source in any publication or release of data. The parties will cooperate through bilateral relations as well as through participation in joint committees and conferences.

HE Butti Al Qubaisi, Director General of Statistics Center Abu Dhabi, hailed the agreement, pointing out that it would instrumental to the development of health statistics and the betterment of health sector, noting that SCAD is sole authority concerned with the collection of statistical data in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and assumes the functions of preparing the statistical plans programs that serve the Emirate’s development programs, conducting statistical surveys all over the Emirate, without prejudice to the interest of national statistical work. SCAD is the sole entity responsible for the collection, classification, storage, analysis and dissemination of official statistics and the release of the results of social, demographic, economic, environmental and cultural surveys in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

His Excellency reiterated the Center’s commitment to full cooperation with all relevant local and federal government authorities in conducting statistical research work for the overall development the statistical system of the Emirate.

As His Excellency Zeid Siksik Director General Health Authority – Abu Dhabi welcomed the agreement, expressing his hope that it will help to supply all the divisions of HAAD with accurate information and data that would contribute to the organization of work and help to build an ambitious strategy to develop the health sector in all parts of Abu Dhabi.

He pointed out that HAAD is the regulatory authority for the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with objectives and purposes that include monitoring and analyzing the health conditions of the emirate’s residents through conducting research and preparing statistics related to Abu Dhabi healthcare sector. The agreement signed contributes significantly towards those objectives.

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