United Pharmaceuticals Adopts Sermon’s ERP Solutions

United Pharmaceuticals UP, the leading global healthcare company, and Sermon Solutions announced concluding the installation of the Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solution for UP, a member of Munir Sukhtian Group.

According to Sermon, the leading Arab firm specialized in enterprise resource planning solutions, the newly deployed ERP solution was based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. It aims at supporting the company’s growth strategy while supporting its operations in the local, regional and international markets. Technically, the solution connects UP departments on an administrative, technical, and production levels via highly secure e-environment.

The chairman of United Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Munjed Sukhtian, praised his teams’ and Sermon Solutions efforts to accomplish this project due to its importance in supporting and consolidating the leading role United Pharmaceuticals plays in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Sukhtian added: “the success achieved by installing the ERP – Microsoft Dynamics AX – in a record time, is highly remarkable, especially after the unpleasant 8-year attempts with a competitor company, which didn’t achieve our minimum expectations.”

Eng. Omar Zaidan, Sermon Solutions CEO commented: “The new system will assist United Pharmaceuticals to increase its production capabilities and operational efficiency while decreasing the costs,” noting that Arab firms base their competitiveness on these elements.

Zaidan added: “Microsoft Dynamics AX will also help UP develop their business and provide a drive for executing their strategy, which is based on a growing network of customer services in the region. It also contributes to their expansion in the local and surrounding markets, considering that the system has been customized to meet the company’s current needs and future expectations.”

From his side, Nidal Awartany, Information System Manager at United Pharmaceuticals said: “We’re keen on acquiring the best ERP solution for the major role it plays in supporting our competency level, especially when it comes to utilized resources, increase our productivity and improving the quality of our services. These were the reasons that led us to adopt Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution; it answers to the pharmaceutical industry sophisticated requirements.”

Enterprise Resource Planning – Microsoft Dynamics AX – solution is considered a novel, comprehensive system which companies and organizations rely on to increase their administrative tasks and productivity. The system is a correlated batch of financial, production and administrative suits that operate on a single database. To add an extra air of professionalism, the administrator can set roles and privileges for users based on their tasks and responsibilities. In addition to that, it is capable of interconnecting the company’s branches and offices via the internet.