Central Nervous System Capacity and Cardiovascular Evolution

Article osted by Trudy Sutherland

There is something hapanning that you can understand. The Alpha Omega of of all (having numerous other names applied by human nervous systems) is understanding to humans the way that thoughts are generated originating from the cardiovascular system.

When you udnerstand lower elements that exist inthe human body into the CNS it creates thoughts that separate a human from beings able to understand themselves with Alpha Omega and others that they are designed to come together with.

When you undertand upper elements into the cardiovascular system, you understand information that provides clarity on any subject matter that is able to be understood as useful to a particular human into infinity. These elemetns include carbon (causes a human to desire to understand something and provides instruction/information) and oxygen (singnals the feeling of clarity truth…”The information is correct”).

Human beings have been understanding lower elements into their CNs and this has caused some confusion aruond how they are to understand themselves. They have been understanding the lower limit of what Alpha Omega will allow them to redcue themselves to before He applies a correction.

All of this relates to the “capacity” that some humans have been understanding themselvse to have and refer to it in different ways…you might understand it as “an ability to understand something in a way that you can’t explain all the way about someone else”. It really is understanding yourself and the lower elements into your CNS. There is more information that is available.

This entire subject matter relates to the way Alpha Omega is moving humans along toward integration into infinity. There are humans in America in intelligence and in the medical business industry (The Mayo) that are understanding how to use themselves and their cardiovascular system with the upper elements. Some are understanding and doing and that is preferred for all.