Labmed Middle East Organised the Total lab Automation course

7th January 2010 Dubai UAE: Labmed Middle East organised its Laboratory Management & Lab Automation course for the top lab Directors/Managers from Saudi Arabia & UAE. The course was cunducted by Dr. Mohammad Amer Husain, Mr. Khaled Hamed, Ms. Jana Jana Stark, Dr. S. Baher Badawi & Dr. Salem Khalil. The speakers gave brief on different aspects of Lab Automation and other related topics.

Dr. Mohammad Amer Husain detailed a complete brief on Welcome reception and registration, He also shed on light on whether the Lab Automation is necessary for every single Lab. Dr. Mohammad emphasised on minimising the steps in the laboratory management and also shed

Mr. Khaled Hamed in his lecture gave a detailed outlook for the Total Lab Automation and the new devices and their usage. He gave detailed brief on the Total Lab Automation implementation, its benefits and strategies.

Ms. Jana Stark gave a detailed brief on the new sysmax laboratory automation initiatives and different ways to automate a medical lab per the usage.