Inaiya is a medical tourism project ( ) which helps Arab patients who are seeking an appropriate & professional medical treatment to find their best therapy in Germany through our medical partners (some of the most reputed German hospitals & medical centers). stuff is working efficiently to provide the patients with the best service starting from the moment they reach Germany airport till they return homes safely.

Our job:

Is to seek the best therapy in Germany for the Arab patients or their responsible authorities and make sure that all their requirements done professionally & efficiently.

Our Services:

Therapy in Germany
Including the medical treatments related to the difficult & complicated diseases which are not available in Arab region like cancer treatments, bone marrow transplant, liver & kidney transplant, cochlear implants electronic, rehabilitation therapy (after spine surgery, sports accidents, joints replacements), infertility, vision correction operations, open heart surgery, therapy using stem cells, etc…

After receiving the patient’s file, which is describing his medical situation, we start to communicate with a large network of our partners in Germany to get the best medical suggestions for the patient.

Once the patient agrees on the medical suggestion sent to him, we start immediately to arrange with the hospital to issue the visa & finalizing all required documents.

We are providing a special after arrival package of services to our patients including:

Booking hotels and cars.
Receiving the patients in the airport and taking them to the hotels.
Accompanying and interpretation.
Arranging appointments with the hospital.
VIP services (booking private plane, special hotels, special hospitals and limousines).

Second opinion from Germany:
For convenient fees, provides patients and hospitals with top specialists medical opinion from Germany. The second opinion will help the patient to assure the first one and to get a professional second look to his medical case.

Tourism program:
After finishing the medical treatment program we are arranging, upon request, a touristic program including touristic tours to the most beautiful and famous places in German cities.

We are different

That’s because we have a developed management system allows the patient and his family to follow up all updates online: has an IT system, which is built as per the German hospitals requirements; This IT system includes all data about the patient and his health progress starting from the registration till his return to his country. That will help both parties (the hospital & the patient) to make the required follow up. has interpreters who are selected from Arab medicine students studying in Medicine Faculties and well trained in the German hospitals.
Dealing with patients in a fast, easy and confident way.
After our patient returns his home country, we start our role to follow up with him to make sure that everything is going well and no after therapy complications are faced.
Free subscription all life in Your House website ( valued € 4,000.00. forums ( )

Include lots of medical articles in Arabic which are covering subjects in different medical fields specially those which are related to the medical treatment in Germany and all recent discoveries and studies in the medical field.

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