MENA 100 Results Announced

arabian-camel-cartoonManama, Nov. 11. The best project schemes of the mena 100 competition were announced today in a conference held in the movempick hotel in Muharraq.

Many economic and investment experts, businessmen and private sector’s representatives took part in the conference. the mena 100 competition aims to select the best 100 business pioneers in the middle east and north africa (MENA) to motivate and enthuse young pioneers and facilitate their access to financing resources in order for them to execute the projects they had invented. bahrain-based mena centre for investment board chairman zakariya ahmed hejres inaugurated the conference with a speech in which he welcomed the audience and boasted choosing bahrain as the venue for the conference and the completion organised by the organisation of economic cooperation and development (oecd) and islamic development bank.

Dr. Zakaria also said that the international arbitration committees’ sessions was held today with the participation of seven experts among whom university of bahrain continuous administrative education chairman dr. jassim al ajmi and university of Bahrain marketing programmes president dr. jamila al mahari. these sessions would enable the 100 competitors from 20 countries to access financing sources, banks’ representatives and financial institutions easily, he asserted.

Dr. Hejres told BNA news agency the competition kick- started last July to improve small and medium institutions and support their ideas to pave the path for more creativity in investment, commerce and economy, which are the basis for prosperity. dr hejres also hailed the efforts exerted by the un’s programme and other financial backers and their help which made it possible for this competition to succeed. the jury discussed many projects schemes from Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Djibouti, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, KSA, Syria, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen.

According to the results announced later today during a celebration held at Bahrain National Museum, Moroccan Asmaa Alawi’s turbo project won the first 30.000-dollar prize, Egyptian Islam Samir’s Biobusiness project won the second 15.000-dollar prize while jordanian hussain al natsheh’s ciapple crm project won the third 10.000-dollar prize. many diplomatic corps, guests and sponsors attended the celebration. whq 12-nov-2009 00:09