Middle East Contributes Double Digit Growth To Profit Of Hartmann Dubai Airport Freezone

The Middle East region has contributed double digit growth rates to the HARTMANN GROUP’s AED 7.55 billion (over Euro 1.5 billion) turnover in 2009.

The group’s success is due in part to the H1N1 flu pandemic scare worldwide, according to an official of the medical company based at the Dubai Airport Freezone.
“2009 is the best year ever for us. We have not been adversely affected by the financial crisis and we even enjoyed double digit growth last year due to increased hygienic measures implemented by healthcare centres as preventive measures against the H1N1 swine flu pandemic,” said Alexander Burger, Managing Director of PAUL HARTMANN Middle East.

The HARTMANN GROUP is a multinational company operating in the field of medical and hygiene products. The core of the product portfolio offered under the HARTMANN brand is formed by professional system solutions in the areas of wound management, incontinence hygiene, and risk prevention in the operating theater. Complementary products and supplementary services round out the range for medicine and hygiene.
The focus is on products and services for professional users in hospitals, doctors’ practices, nursing homes, and home-care services. HARTMANN offers innovative all-in-one solutions made up of user-friendly products and fit-to-purpose services – helping in this way to make everyday work to enhance patients’ well-being that bit more efficient and cost-effective.

Established in the Dubai Airport Freezone in 2004, the almost 200-year-old German company is able to access its core markets in the Gulf in a very short period of time, due to its close distance to most of the GCC countries. HARTMANN’s office in the Freezone deals with distributors in the Middle East, North Africa, the Sub-Continent and South-East Asia, acting as the Regional Office for these markets. According to Mr. Burger the company has around 9,500 employees worldwide.

Distinguishing his company from competitors from Asia, Mr. Burger pointed out, “Our emphasis is on the quality of products and after sales support. We aim to be the partner of health care institutions rather than acting as a mere supplier, unlike other companies who compete on price.”

Explaining his decision to open a branch at the Dubai Airport Freezone, he stated: “Apart from the convenience of access to the airport, we like the quality of service of the Freezone administration. I have noticed the high quality of service which has been standardized and continuously improved throughout the years.”

Mr. Burger sees a tremendous potential in the Middle East market. “As a company, we aim at a market share of 20 per cent or to be No. 1 or 2 in the market.”

He added that HARTMANN participated in Arab Health where the company promoted a new concept for the operating room using the latest technology.

“The health care and pharmaceutical sector is a fast growing segment among tenants at the Dubai Airport Freezone and the Freezone continues to exert an effort in this direction to increase the number of companies by participating in exhibitions such as Arab Health,” said Mr. Nasser Madani, Assistant Director General, Dubai Airport Freezone. “Currently, the Freezone has 75 multinational and major healthcare and pharmaceutical companies operating.”