94 new cases of dengue in one week in Saudi

JEDDAH – The municipality has pointed the finger at the Mayor’s Office and called for a new strategy to tackle dengue fever after 94 new cases were detected in Jeddah last week, bringing the total number of cases in the first 15 weeks of 2010 to 363.

“The mayoralty has failed to eradicate dengue fever, and it’s becoming of increasing concern to everyone,” said Bassam Akhdar of the Municipality Council. “Even my private secretary contracted it.”

Reports show that despite intensified efforts by the mayoralty in spraying the city and drafting in emergency teams, dengue has continued to spread in the south Jeddah districts of Ghulail, Mada’in Al-Fahd, and Al-Karantina.

“The situation will continue as long as the Misk Lake continues to rise and provide the perfect breeding ground for dengue-bearing mosquitoes,” Akhdar said.

“I have repeatedly voiced my concerns over the imminent public health danger posed by the Misk Lake, but have had no response.”

Akhdar also criticized delays in sewer works that, he said, had resulted in a “notable increase in insects and rodents”.