Government Spending to Drive Saudi Healthcare Market

May 14, 2010 – Saudi Arabia represents one of the most lucrative healthcare markets in the world. The kingdom’s healthcare market has recorded steady growth over the past few years. And the government, which funds most of the kingdom’s healthcare capital and operating expenditures, has budgeted an additional 51% for healthcare and social services in 2010 – amounting to US$16.3 Billion.

The additional spending is largely aimed at improving the standard of healthcare services in the country and this will drive the future growth of the healthcare industry in the country. As per our new research report on the sector called “Saudi Arabian Healthcare Market Forecast to 2012”, the healthcare spending in Saudi Arabia is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 8% during 2010-2012.

The report studies the Saudi Arab healthcare market by dividing it into three major segments, i.e. hospital care market, pharmaceutical market and medical device market. All these segments have been studied and analyzed in a comprehensive manner in the report. During our research, we identified that the medical device market has the maximum potential in the overall healthcare market. Although the market is completely based on imported products which are very expensive, there is a huge demand for these medical equipment and devices.

“Saudi Arabian Healthcare Market Forecast to 2012” provides extensive information and rational analysis on the Saudi Arabian healthcare market as well as on the facts like increasing health insurance in the country. The report also provides valuable information on macroeconomic factors and diseases statistics of the country. Besides, industry trends have been extensively covered and analyzed in the report in a manner to present the true and unbiased picture of the industry. This will help clients in making their intelligent decisions while investing or venturing in the market.

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