Stay Normal Kuwaiti campaign targets hypertension

KUWAIT: Research shows that hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a very common disease in Kuwait and that a high percentage of the population suffers from it. According to doctors, hyypertension may cause serious health complications and the prevention or early detection of the disease is very important. Some corporations have recognized the need to raise awareness of this issue and have taken the initiative to act upon it. As part of its sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility program, EQUATE Pe
trochemical Company launched its ‘Stay Normal’ Awareness Campaign for Hypertension, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

The launch of the two-month campaign was held at the company’s headquarters yesterday. The campaign’s main goal is to promote awareness about high blood pressure and its associated diseases. The ‘Stay Normal’ awareness campaign targets residents in Kuwait, both males and females, through all channels of media and advertising. The campaign will host activities in all the major shopping malls in Kuwait to ensure reaching its target audience. The events will also inspire and instruct people on how to follow
a healthy and sound lifestyle and avoid this dangerous disease.

Hypertension has no obvious symptoms that encourage visiting a medical center,” said Mohammed Al-Ben Ali, EQUATE’s Vice President for Technical Services and Head of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team. “Hypertension greatly affects the performance of the heart and arteries and may lead to strokes. The Stay Normal campaign emphasizes the need for periodic blood pressure checkups and the importance of following a healthy lifestyle that involves exercising, healthy eating habits and avoiding stres
s,” he said during a press conference yesterday for the campaign.

By employing an integrated media strategy, and being present at major shopping malls and various diwaniyas throughout Kuwait’s governorates, the Stay Normal campaign hopes to deliver a social message to all concerned individuals,” added Al-Ben Ali. “The campaign is in cooperation with a qualified medical team from the Ministry of Health. They play a critical role in this campaign to increase awareness regarding Hypertension, how to avoid it and the means of keeping it under control. EQUATE’s employees in
this campaign will participate in all activities and engage the target audience,” he said.

Representing the Ministry of Health, Dr Ahmad Al-Shatti provided some figures on the blood pressure related disease. “Life expectancy in Kuwait is the highest in the region,” Al-Shatti said. It is 78 years for women and 76 for men. If we look into the quality of life, we will find that it’s not perfect. We have about 26 percent of men and 22 percent of women suffering from hypertension. With this campaign we hope to encourage the early detection of this potential disease.

Al-Ben Ali said that “realizing the need for sustainability, EQUATE established its own unique EQUATE CSR Program in 2005 to share its success with the community. Previous initiatives launched by EQUATE include Breast Cancer Self Examination Campaign (Keep Your Life Rosy!), EQUATE Plastic Awareness Campaign (Plastic – Fantastic), EQUATEs Initiative for a Healthy Society (Lighten Up), a number of agreements with a number of Kuwait University colleges, as well as annual university scholarships for EQUATE emp
loyees and Kuwaiti high school graduates. In addition, EQUATE has supported and sponsored several medical, educational and scientific organizations throughout Kuwait.

In appreciation for its sustainable development efforts, EQUATE previously earned His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah’s Award for the Best Plant in Kuwait, the Award of Best Company Recruiting Nationals, as well as Kuwait’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award in the Industrial Sector. Additionally, they received the highly commended Best Community Program Award during the Fist Middle East CSR Awards Summit.

Courtesy Kuwait Times

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