Enigma ml system to demonstrate rapid identification of swine h1n1 influenza at arab health 2010

Oxford & Porton Down, UK – Enigma Diagnostics Limited, the decentralised and point-of-care molecular diagnostics company, announced today it will be attending Arab Health 2010 between 25 – 28 January at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and will demonstrate the Enigma ML system’s capability to detect swine H1N1 influenza from a swab sample in an hour, with no manual processing required.

When faced with patients with flu type symptoms, healthcare professionals need to know immediately if pandemic influenza is the cause so that antiviral therapy can be prescribed. They cannot wait for samples to be despatched to central laboratories for batch testing where results may only be available days later. The Enigma ML will direct decision making at point of care, offer patients immediate relevant treatment and ensure efficient use of emergency resources.

The Enigma ML is a fully automated real-time PCR instrument which can perform molecular diagnostic tests to laboratory standards in as little as 30 minutes. Sample preparation steps are already integrated into the instrument, the user simply loads the sample into a disposable cartridge and the instrument requires no further intervention. The ML uses algorithms to analyse the test data and presents results using a state-of-the-art touch-screen user interface.

John McKinley, Chairman and CEO of Enigma, said: “This is a major milestone in the development of the ML system and supports the system’s global commercial launch later this year. An accurate ‘test and treat’ capability offers healthcare communities an effective weapon to fight flu as the virus evolves and all-important surveillance information to co-ordinate resources. This provides a significant change in diagnostic testing for pandemic flu and across a range of diseases.”

The Arab Health Congress is the largest multi-track medical congress and the best scientific and educational event for healthcare professionals in the region. Enigma is participating in MEDLAB 2010 where Dr. Ian George will be presenting “The Future of Molecular Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine”. Enigma will be exhibiting the Enigma ML system at Stand ME50 in the Sheikh Maktoum Hall.