GE Healthcare introduces resting Edge a new picture of global health

Around the world, improving health starts with improving access to healthcare technology. To meet this need, we must create both equipment and data that travels easily—connecting the hearts of patients to the minds of physicians seamlessly.

The MAC 600 enables physicians to bring advanced ECG analysis to patients they could never reach before. With leading clinical technology and an SD card that puts vital data right in your hands. With on-screen results that help save time, energy, and paper. And with the diagnostic confidence that comes from Marquette® 12SL™ analytical tools. All tucked inside an incredibly portable, easy-to-use ECG system.

Improving access. Meeting needs. The MAC 600 lets you picture a healthier future for people around the world. Starting today.

Easier-to-use ECG technology enables clinicians to test more patients in less time, increasing access to high-quality healthcare for everyone. That7s why the MAC 600 is designed to be as easy as 9connect and click,F while ensuring the quality of ECG data. The result is a fast, simple ECG testing process that helps physicians focus on diagnosis and care.

HookUp Advisor indicates accuracy of ECG signal
quality to avoid costly ECG repeats and support faster
patient testing

Intuitive keypad for simple, one-touch operation

Clear display for accurate, instantaneous results review, eliminating the need to print

More ECG technology in your hands. Less paper to carry around.
The MAC 600 puts advanced diagnostic tools at your ingertips, enabling physicians to deliver one of the world7s best ECG analyses. And with on-screen ECG results, you have the completely digital worklow that can help you diagnose patients faster than ever before.

On-screen preview of waveforms and 12SL interpretation enables digital ECG worklow for faster time to treatment

Proven Marquette 12SL analysis helps support diagnostic conidence
12-lead color display provides clear results review without printing