Siemens Healthcare introduces automated breast ultrasound system at Hospital in Mumbai

Siemens Health-care has introduced an automated breast volume scanner (ABVS) at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre in Mumbai. The ABVS automatically acquires volume images of the breast, helping in comprehensive screening of breast using ultrasound.

Acuson S2000, an ultrasound system by Siemens Healthcare uses the technology of ABVS, which comfortably images patients with dense breast tissue or with a history of breast disease. This automated system acquires full-field sonographic volume images that provide a comprehensive 3D overview of the breast – from the skin line to the chest wall – an advantage that is not available with conventional ultrasound imaging systems.

The adjustable scanner arm with this system allows easy manipulation of the transducer pod with minimal compression so patients can relax and breathe comfortably during the exam. With this technology, images can be acquired in less than 10 minutes, as compared to half an hour in the conventional systems.

D. Ragavan, sector CEO for Healthcare, South Asia Cluster, Siemens Ltd. informs, “In India, the awareness about breast cancer is steadily growing and many women are interested in undergoing screening for ruling out or early detection of diseases. The innovative ABVS offers many unique features such as, no ionising radiation, operator independence, ability to image dense breasts, etc. This is first such installation and we are glad to collaborate with Jaslok Hospital to bring this unique solution to India. This is another proof of Siemens Healthcare bringing in relevant and latest technologies to India, which will help both the patients and the doctors.”

Col. Masand, CEO, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, explained, “ABVS provides a complete representation of the overall anatomy of the breast. We are sure that it would act as an important tool in the screening, diagnosis and follow-up care of breast cancer. ABVS thus reduces examination and waiting time for the patient.”

The Acuson S2000 with ABVS comes with adaptive ergonomics to ensure accurate and consistent diagnosis. The unique one-button locking mechanism simplifies and expedites volume acquisition and addresses the common problem of repetitive stress injuries. Semi-automated reporting and comprehensive BI-RADS (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System) ultrasound reporting capabilities enhance the clinical workflow. To further optimize high-volume patient care, the system also supports innovative breast imaging applications, such as Fatty Tissue and eSie Touch elasticity imaging. All of these applications help increase diagnostic confidence, while at the same time reducing examination and waiting time for the patient. The new system is an all-round system for ultrasound breast care, from early detection, to diagnosis to aftercare