Siemens new device offfers imaging of the entire urinary tract with just one single shot

Siemens Healthcare launched its new multifunctional workstation for urology, UROSKOP Omnia at the 25th EAU Congress in Barcelona last week. Thanks to its new dynamic flat detector technology UROSKOP Omnia allows the urologist to cover the entire urinary tract (kidney, ureter, bladder) with only one single exposure and in exceptional image quality. With its curved X-ray column, UROSKOP Omnia offers truly unrestricted patient access from all table sides. The integrated HD VideoManager provides various interfaces e.g. HD (High Definition) endoscopy or ultrasound equipment can be connected easily to display images side-by-side with X-ray or fluoroscopy.

With the new UROSKOP Omnia Siemens extends its product portfolio in the high-end market for X-ray based urology tables. The system allows a variety of clinical applications such as transurethral and percutaneous urological interventions, urologic diagnostics and even gastroenterological cases and general radiographic applications.

With UROSKOP Omnia and its flat detector size of 43 x 43 cm2 (17 x 17 inch2) it’s not necessary anymore to acquire and read two images to cover the complete kidney, ureter and bladder (KUB) area. Thanks to the large field-of-view it’s possible to receive a real KUB image with just one single exposure. Compared with standard image intensifier systems this means reduced examination time and less dose for the patient. Moreover, the system’s resolution of more than 2800 x 2800 pixels exceeds that of standard image intensifier systems. The high-resolution images enable the physician to zoom in without any quality loss and to see the finest details which increases diagnostic confidence. In addition, UROSKOP Omnia allows for digital RAD images, saving costs as no cassettes are needed.

Another big advantage is UROSKOP Omnia’s intelligent design. The curved X-ray column offers free patient access from all four sides which is unique in the market. Regardless of the type of examination, the urologist does not have to reposition his patient, and the anesthesiologist can always stay in place. This is very helpful for example in case of lateral percutaneous interventions, increases safety and saves costs for room equipment and infrastructure as there is no need to have a mobile anesthesia workplace. The curved X-ray column also allows for a highly ergonomic position for the MTRA when positioning patients, as it relieves stress from the back. Moreover, the intelligent system design allows lowering the table further to facilitate easier and ergonomic patient transfer.

The HD VideoManager provides various interfaces and features to facilitate working with the system. The physician can connect his HD (High Definition) endoscopy or ultrasound device or a PACS viewer to display images side-by-side with X-ray or fluoroscopy. What’s more, the VideoManager offers additional output for extra monitors, for example to additional ceiling boom mounted monitors. Displaying the same images as the system’s monitor, this extra monitor can be used for teaching or presentation purposes. HD Endoscopy and ultrasound images can be stored together with X-ray images in one patient file as DICOM images thanks to HD EndoStore. It takes only one click to send all images as a bundled package to the PACS.

UROSKOP Omnia offers an optional, colorful MoodLight element, based on LED technology. Creating a relaxing atmosphere, it helps soothe patients and takes away fears and anxiety. The customer can select individual colors or smooth color transitions