KU to take over Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital in 2013

Dr-Hilal-Al-SayerKUWAIT: Kuwait’s Minister of Health Dr Hilal Al-Sayer announced yesterday that Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital will be handed over to Kuwait University in 2013. “The handover of the hospital will coincide with the ministry’s takeover of Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital,” Al-Sayer said in a joint press conference with Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Moudhi Al-Humoud following the signing of a cooperation agreement between their two ministries.

The agreement is part of the efforts of the Ministry of Health to improve the quality of medical services, enhance the performance of doctors and consolidate and regulate relationship between the Ministry and KU’s Center for Medical Science,” he said.

The ministry is keen on cooperation with the KU’s Medical College to reach the desired goal of upgrading the healthcare services,” he added. Dr. Moudhi said the agreement is a continuation of coordination and cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the KU for better service of Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates.

She praised the leaders of the Ministry of Health, on top of who are Minister Al-Sayer and Undersecretary Dr. Ibrahim Al-Abdulhadi for their contribution to the success of cooperation with her ministry. KU Deputy Director for Medical Science Dr. Abdullah Behbehani said the documents highlights the importance of the relationship between the KU and the Ministry of Health, and shows the desire of the two parties to pursue coordination in the medical research and education.

kuwaitThe agreement outlines the responsibilities and duties associated with these systems in order to achieve the desired goal in the service of the medical sector in the country, Behbehani said, pointing out that the terms of this agreement transfer dependency’s to the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital to Kuwait University. The handover of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital will take place in phases in synchronization with of Health Ministry’s takeover of Health Jaber al-Ahmad, he pointed out.

Dr. Behbehani expressed hope that the move would serve the health sector in the country through promotion of scientific and technical resources and lead to the provision of climate conducive to research and education for the service of patients. KU and the Ministry of Health have set up a senior level committee to work out a plan to transform the hospital’s affiliation, he said, adding that the committee “will preserve the rights of everyone, deliver a reassuring message and disband the concerns of some do
ctors and administrators of the Ministry of Health and the hospital staff.

Dr. Behbehani affirmed the hospital needs all Kuwaiti medical and administrative cadres, pointing out that the number of students who are studying at the Kuwait University cannot be absorbed by one hospital, so the assignment system will remain in place. He stressed the keenness of the ministers of Health, Education and Higher Education to sign the agreement on practical basis with a view to correcting the shortcomings which of a previous agreement signed 30 years ago, “The hospital administration would af
filiate to KU’s College of Medicine and have a budget based on the same accounting regulations of the state,” Dr Behbehani affirmed.

The signing ceremony was attended by Al-Sayer, Al-Humoud, Al-Abdulhadi, KU Director Dr Abdullah Al-Fuhaid, and Behbehani, as well as other senior leaders from KU and the Ministry of Health. – KUNA