Medica 2009 Day 3

20th November 2009 : Medica 2009 enters in its 3rd day its busy and there are lots of of people to meet and products to see thats how some of the vistors tell. Here are two excerts from Medica 2009 web site.


Philip-M-Fenton-medicaPhilip M. Fenton
General Manager Philip Fenton has been to MEDICA many times before. He wants to buy new medical devices for his company in London. “Full speed – that´s what I´m going to do today”, says the sympathic man in the wheelchair before he drives away and meets another business friend.

Javier-RamosJavier Ramos
The Mexican factory owner Javier Ramos was in a hurry, when we met him. “There are so many things I would like to see”, he tells us. He has already seen a lot of great products he could buy and sell. “For me MEDICA is some kind of paradise”, he romances.

Almost every market around the world is shrinking at the moment, and so is the medical sector. According to the Federal Statistics Office in the first half of 2009 the German exports were down 2.5 percent, the largest market for exports still remains the United States. However the import market in Germany has managed to become stronger. The statisticians have recorded a 6 per cent gain in imports especially from the USA, Switzerland and Japan. Germany is therefore a highly competitive market in the global medical industry – the medical trade fair MEDICA in Duesseldorf has become the most important platform for manufacturers and customers.