69% of Britons Find It Difficult to Enjoy a Good Sleep at Night

A survey has divulged that over two thirds of Britons are not able to enjoy a good night’s sleep due to work stress. It has come to surface that 69% of adults confess that because of work troubles, they do not sleep properly. Half of this number feels that the ongoing slump in the economy and murky forecasts for the upcoming 12 months, are responsible for their problems.

The survey that involved 3,000 people discovered that one in three people, at least twice a week dreamt about work, most probably on Sunday. One of the major reasons responsible for sleepless nights was reported to be immense workload.

A 19% of the participants said that they are unable to sleep properly when a challenging assignment is lined up for next day. About 61% said that if they get their dream job, they would definitely enjoy a good night sleep.

A spokesperson for Slumberland that sponsored the survey said that it is comprehensible that people dream about work, since it is an important part of everyday life. However, it is imperative that work should not bother or have an effect on sleep.

“Getting enough rest is directly linked to performance and health. It is ironic and unfortunate that stress from jobs seems to be a barrier to the sleep needed to function and recover”, the spokesperson added.

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