Saudi Arabia Researchers Develop Cancer Antigens

cancer-cellsArab News has reported that researchers at King Saud University (KSU) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia have developed antigens that can prevent the spread of cancerous cells by boosting a cancer patient’s immune system. The research was conducted in collaboration with the State University of New York and financed by Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Al-Amoudi.

Almogren, who is a professor at the College of Medicine’s Department of Pathology and Immunology, conducted the research along with professor Kate Rittenhouse-Olson, professor James Olson, Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro and Susan Morey from the State University of New York. Muhammad Hussein Al-Amoudi financed the research.

AlmogrenDuring the function of breaking the news, King Abdullah received documents of the medical discovery from Almogren and Rittenhouse-Olson. The king also received pictures of strategic projects he launched at the university earlier this year from Higher Education Minister Khaled Al-Anqari and KSU President Abdullah Al-Othman.

King Abdullah honored the researchers and financier by giving them KSU’s medals. King Abdullah, who has pledged support for Saudi Arabia’s scientific and technological advancement, wants to increase the number of research projects in order to build a knowledge-based economy.

Meanwhile on Saturday, King Abdullah contacted Prince Mishaal, chairman of the Allegiance Commission, in order to inquire about his health. Prince Mishaal, who is now in Geneva, received similar calls from Crown Prince Sultan, Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Prince Naif and Riyadh Gov. Prince Salman.